Happy Folk, September 16th, Point Sebago

Happy Folk is comprised of a rotating bandwagon of friends and family that brings infectious joy to any event that they are a part of. Built around the music and philosophy of Nik Hasenfus and Aria Zarnoski, the two songwriters attempt to dissolve the boundaries created by the performing arts, combining their ambitions of authentic relationships as well as similarly natural genres of music. Almost one year old, the current core duo is now finding a home in Portland, Maine and is growing into it’s new musical identity with each new friend and each new day. Look for them busking on the street or playing around town, along with their many mysterious special guests; Happy folk are planning and scheming to release a demo EP in time for the summer of 2016. Playing old favorites and presenting new original material, everyone is sure to leave satisfied, hopeful, and happy!

Happy Folk perform at parties, weddings, and any other gatherings you can think of are available for booking. For booking information give us a message or email nik.hasenfus@gmail.com