Noel Genova, September 16th, Point Sebago

My hometown of Portland, Maine, has a lot of opportunities for listening to, sharing, and playing music. I grew up in the Boston area, learned roots music (called folk music in those days, and Americana now) from my father, his record collection, and Boston radio. The only other places I’ve lived are Whitesburg, KY, in a coal mining area between Hazard and Harlan, and Birmingham, England, home of Joan Armatrading, Steve Winwood, and a great jazz scene. All great places to cultivate my love of guitars and songs.

I play and sing because I want to share the music. Bringing roots music to people who know a little bit about it, but want to know more, is what drives me to play publicly. But being mired in the past kills the music. Listening to and playing with younger singers and players is something I do several days a week. What a joy!

My latest passion is the guitars themselves. I have had the chance to represent Bourgeois Guitars, made here in Maine, at festivals, allowing me to meet fabulous players, old and young, and share our music through some beautiful guitars.

Music takes us to great places artistically and emotionally. I am happy to share my music with you all.