The Jerks of Grass, September 16th, Point Sebago

Priding themselves on tight arrangements, stellar musicianship, and an ability to delight even the most suspicious of audiences, it’s no surprise that the Jerks have remained one of the area’s busiest acts for over fifteen years.

Carter Logan
Carter is the last founding member left in the Jerks of Grass, starting around 18 years ago. In college, he studied music at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He’s been teaching music in the Portland area for about 25 years and currently teaches at Waynflete in Portland, and 317 Main Community Music Center in Yarmouth.

Kris Day
Kris Day joined Jerks of Grass in September of 2006. Most well known as the bassist for Portland rock bands like Harpswell Sound and his 17 year association with King Memphis. Kris has done a considerable amount of touring over the years including performances with rock and roll legends Link Wray, Dale Hawkins, Ronnie Dawson and Joe Clay. Kris enjoys his private teaching career in addition to recording with local artists and doing some session work around town. Kris also keeps playing with the Gypsy Jazz Quartet Hot Club of Portland.

Sarah Logan
Sarah has been titled “The Littlest Jerk” ever since she was born. She has grown from her days of standing on stage holding a fiddle, to standing on stage and actually playing the fiddle (or trying to at least). She is a Maine native, but currently resides in Johnson City, Tennessee where she attends East Tennessee State University to get a Bachelor of Arts degree in Bluegrass. When she isn’t playing a gig with the Jerks, she can be found working at the Regency Hotel and Spa in Portland or probably taking a nap somewhere.